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Child Custody
Adjusting Custody Due to Unexpected Circumstances
03 Mar, 2024
Child Custody

Adjusting Custody Due to Unexpected Circumstances

Once the judge has provided you with custody orders, you and your spouse might try to adhere to them quite closely. This provides you and your children with a sense of structure and consistency that you all depend on. When unexpected circumstances intervene, however, it is often difficult to know how best to proceed, and it’s hard to imagine more unexpected circumstances than the COVID-19 pandemic we’re currently facing. If you have custody concerns related to the changes brought on by the novel coronavirus, an experienced Schaumburg child custody attorney can help.

Illinois’s Stay-at-Home Order

In March, the governor of Illinois issued a stay-at-home order for the entire state, which closed all non-essential businesses and which restricted residents from leaving their homes except for essential purposes. Parts of the order were lifted in June, but others remain, leaving parents with custody orders confused about how to cope with these unprecedented times. The fact is, however, that the governor’s order does not affect your custody schedule – which is considered essential travel – and you and your former spouse should proceed with business as usual in relation to picking your children up and dropping them off with one another. 

Activities You Can Continue

Social distancing practices remain in effect, and the governor’s order delineates exactly what you are allowed to participate in out there. These activities include:

  • Engaging in anything related to you and your family’s health and safety
  • Engaging in anything related to procuring necessary supplies and services, including groceries and those supplies necessary to work from home
  • Getting outdoor exercise, such as walking, biking, and running (many playgrounds, however, are still off-limits)
  • Taking care of others
  • Going to work that provides essential services

You can continue with any of these activities – as they are necessary. 

Custody Concerns

Although you and your ex should continue to share your children exactly as you did before the stay-at-home order was put in place, this doesn’t mean you should do so blindly. The extraordinary measures the state has put in place reflect the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, which require serious precautions. If you have concerns about how carefully your children’s other parent is adhering to the restrictions (or if you know that he or she isn’t taking the matter seriously enough), you obviously have reason to be concerned about your children’s ongoing health and welfare. If you have serious concerns, it’s important to broach the subject with your ex. If your custody arrangements are high-conflict, an experienced child custody attorney can guide your efforts and communicate with your ex (or their attorney) on your behalf.

It’s Time to Contact an Experienced Schaumburg Child Custody Lawyer

COVID-19 is the most serious parenting challenge that many of us have ever faced. Carefully adhering to state restrictions is our current best course of action. If you are facing custody concerns within these parameters, the dedicated child custody lawyers at SLG Family Law in Schaumburg are here for you – and we are committed to helping you find solutions that work for you and your children. We’re on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.



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