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Child Custody



25 Oct
Child Custody

Setting Yourself Up for Success Before, During & Post Divorce

If you are headed toward divorce, you are anticipating getting to the other side, but you shouldn’t lose sight of what’s at stake during the ...

02 Oct
Child Custody

How to Keep the Peace in Co-Parenting

The aftermath of a divorce may be difficult to navigate, especially if parents are learning how to co-parent. Co-parenting is when former spouses take responsibility ...

12 Sep
Child Custody

Who Determines the Parenting Time Schedule?

If you and your children’s other parent are facing a divorce or are no longer a couple, your parenting time schedule is a primary concern. ...

16 Aug
Child Custody

How Long Will It Take to Change Our Custody Agreement?

If you are separated from your spouse, you may have concerns about the terms of your child custody agreement. Child custody laws are reviewed and ...


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