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Child Custody



13 Mar
Child Custody

What You Need to Know About Child Custody Evaluations

When disputes over custody and parenting time arise in a family law matter, parents must work together to come up with an amicable solution. Unfortunately, ...

20 Dec
Child Custody

What challenges are present in high-net-worth couples in a divorce?

Divorce is always complex and emotionally trying, but it can be even more challenging for couples with high net worth. There is often more at stake in ...

11 Dec
Child Custody

How Can I Protect My Child’s Mental Health Through Divorce?

Children going through a divorce can face many challenges, including mental health struggles. SLG Family Law is committed to helping families through every step of the divorce ...

25 Oct
Child Custody

Setting Yourself Up for Success Before, During & Post Divorce

If you are headed toward divorce, you are anticipating getting to the other side, but you shouldn’t lose sight of what’s at stake during the ...


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