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Child Custody Lawyers Rolling Meadows

Child Custody Lawyers Rolling Meadows

If you are facing a legal parenting concern, you never want to risk your parental rights or relationship with your child. Because your rights as a parent are paramount, working closely with an experienced child custody lawyer in Rolling Meadows is always in your best interest. 

Parental Responsibilities

The State of Illinois addresses child custody as parental responsibilities (what you may think of as legal custody) and parenting time (what you may think of as physical custody). These parental responsibilities focus on the primary parental concern of making critical decisions on behalf of our children, including those related to the following:

  • Where your children attend school
  • The medical care your children receive
  • The extracurricular activities your children participate in
  • Your children’s religious upbringing

These are important concerns that you and your children’s other parent can address in any of the following ways:

  • You can both make these decisions together.
  • You can both make these decisions together, but one of you can take on tie-breaking responsibility for those instances when you are unable to find common ground (after putting in the necessary effort).
  • One of you can take on sole parental responsibilities. 
  • You and your children’s other parent can split the decision-making responsibility between you according to the category of decision that needs to be made. For example, one of you may take on decisions about schooling and health care, while the other tackles extracurricular involvement and religious education. 

An important point to make here is that, in emergency situations, whoever is readily available is called upon to make the necessary decisions. Further, those less-pressing parenting decisions that need to be made quite regularly are the responsibility of the parent who is at hand. 

Parenting Time 

Parenting time determines the visitation schedule by which you and your ex will split your time with your shared children, and it is naturally a critical concern. When it comes to parenting time, your options include one of you having the children for the majority of overnights while the other has a visitation schedule. Alternatively, you and your ex can divide your parenting time more evenly. 

If you are able to work the matter out between the two of you, you won’t need the court’s intervention and can devise whatever kind of schedule makes sense for you and your children. If not, however, the court will very likely assign one of its standard parenting time schedules. When the court addresses parenting issues, the best interests of the children involved always guide its decisions.  

Reach Out to an Experienced Child Custody Lawyer in Rolling Meadows for the Legal Guidance You Need

If you are facing a concern that relates to parenting arrangements, the accomplished child custody lawyers at SLG Family Law in Rolling Meadows have the impressive experience, legal skill, and keen insight to help. Your parental rights are important, so don’t put off contacting us for more information about what we can do to help you today. 

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