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Custody Lawyers Orland Park

Custody Lawyers Orland Park

Child custody is called parental responsibility and parenting time in Illinois, but the general issues are the same and can become contentious quickly. Many parents deeply love their children and can’t imagine spending time apart from them. Yet others use their children as pawns in a game to manipulate or hurt the other parent. Whatever parenting issues you face or the reasons behind them, our custody lawyers in Orland Park can help you find a solution. Sometimes that solution is working something out with the other parent, and sometimes it’s going to court to let a judge hear your case.

Should You Hire Custody Lawyers in Orland Park?

You aren’t legally required to have custody attorneys in Orland Park represent you in your parental responsibility or divorce case. However, parents who obtain favorable outcomes in their parenting cases are, more often than not, represented by legal counsel. With an attorney on your side, you will be well-informed of your rights and options.

If you choose to represent yourself, you will need to keep track of legal deadlines, paperwork, and critical details. In addition, parents who represent themselves must understand the laws around parental responsibility in Illinois. The learning curve is often steep and can be time-consuming. 

You’ll especially want to consider hiring legal counsel if:

  • Your child’s other parent has obtained a lawyer—this generally gives them a significant advantage over you.
  • The circumstances in your case have changed drastically—for example, your child’s other parent isn’t cooperating with the parenting order, one parent plans to relocate, there is suspected child abuse or neglect, or one parent remarried.
  • You aren’t familiar with Illinois family law—an attorney’s knowledge of the law and court hearings can help reduce some of your stress.
  • Your child’s other parent changed their mind—perhaps they are trying to convince the judge you aren’t a fit parent, resulting in a risky situation.
  • The other parent keeps you from seeing your children- keep careful logs of what transpires and provide them to your attorney.
  • The court requires you to take parenting classes or participate in treatment— these requirements might mean that you’re at a disadvantage in the eyes of the court. Getting a lawyer can help improve your standing.
  • You have a history of substance abuse—even if this was a lifetime ago, be prepared for the issues to come up in court. Your attorney will have the best strategy for defending your actions or showing the court what steps you have taken to better your circumstances.
  • You fear for your child’s safety— Any time you believe your children are in immediate danger, you should call 911 and consider a protective order. Situations involving child abuse, or neglect, and domestic violence always demand well-versed legal representation.
  • Your parenting case spans jurisdictions—seeking counsel is usually suggested for any inter-jurisdictional cases. It’s often difficult to know which state’s or country’s laws apply to your case. Your attorney will be familiar with them.

This isn’t an exhaustive list. There may also be other reasons specific to your case that need the careful attention of custody attorneys in Orland Park.

Seek the Advice of Experienced Custody Lawyers Orland Park

Whether your parenting battle is new or has been ongoing, our custody lawyers in Orland Park can help guide you in this situation and represent your’s and your child’s best interests. Contact the Suburban Law Group, LLC today to learn more about getting help with your custody case.

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