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Divorce Attorney in Orland Park

Divorce Attorney in Orland Park

This Cook County village is known for its vast array of parks. In fact, a person with too much free time supposedly determined that there were almost 1,100 golf holes within 15 miles of Orland Park’s center. This revelation led to the town’s semi-official nickname “The World’s Golf Center.” Recreation opportunities like golf can be a good thing or a bad thing. These activities can hold families together or they can pull them apart.

Regardless of the circumstances, the compassionate Orland Park divorce attorneys at SLG Family Law understand your needs. Typically, both spouses want the marriage dissolution to be finalized as quickly as possible. That is especially true if there has been trauma in the marriage, like an assault. At the same time, both spouses want long-lasting, cost-effective solutions. Our Orland Park divorce attorneys quickly guide you through the process and obtain the desired results.

Beginning a Legal Action

In the mid-2010s, Illinois lawmakers streamlined and revised the marriage dissolution process in the state. For example, the two-year waiting period, which was a thorn in the side of many divorcing couples, is no more. However, these legal changes did not affect other parts of the process. An early misstep usually means a costly delay, at best. So, whether you are a petitioner or a respondent, you need to partner with an Orland Park divorce lawyer straightaway.

Serving the petition is often the most critical component of beginning a case. In most cases, petitioners must personally serve respondents with legal paperwork. A few judges allow “nail and mail” substitute service. The petitioner leaves papers at the respondent’s door and mails copies as well. A few other judges allow service via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Many respondents walk a fine line. They understandably do not want to sign anything or make the process easier for the petitioner. However, they also do not want to dodge service, make things difficult, and possibly incur a judge’s wrath. Our divorce lawyers in Orland Park give you solid legal advice in these situations.

The Temporary Hearing and Follow-Up

This critical hearing usually occurs about two weeks after the petitioner serves the respondent. If you do not already have an Orland Park divorce lawyer, you most definitely need one at this point. At the temporary hearing, the judge sets important ground rules, such as a parenting time schedule and temporary financial support levels.

Technically, the temporary orders expire when the divorce is finalized. However, these interim orders often set the tone for what the final orders will look like. So, if the judge makes Wife the temporary residential custodian, it is difficult for Husband to reverse this designation.

Discovery gives an Orland Park divorce lawyer the opportunity to secure gains made at the temporary hearing or obtain more favorable results. During discovery, both sides exchange information about their claims and defenses. 

A social services investigation is usually part of this process. A social worker evaluates the facts and makes a recommendation on child custody and visitation. While this recommendation is not binding, it carries great weight.

Subsequent Modifications

The final orders are usually not “final” in a marriage dissolution matter. Financial and emotional circumstances change over time. These changes often trigger the need for divorce modification. For example, if Wife wants to move with the children, she might need the court’s permission to relocate. She should definitely revise the paperwork, so everyone stays on the same page.

It is usually best to use the same Orland Park divorce lawyer for subsequent modifications. That way, you do not reinvent the wheel.

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Every divorce case is different, but most follow the same basic outline. For a free consultation with an experienced Orland Park divorce lawyer, contact SLG Family Law. Convenient payment plans are available.

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