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Divorce Attorneys Rolling Meadows

Divorce Attorneys Rolling Meadows

A divorce or dissolution of marriage is the way marriages legally end in Illinois. When the divorce process is over and finalized, the court will issue a divorce judgment. The judgment includes the spouses’ agreements regarding parental responsibilities for the children and parenting time schedules, spousal support, and asset/debt division. If the spouses can’t agree, the family court judge makes these decisions after a trial. Whether your divorce goes to trial or you negotiate a settlement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, experienced divorce attorneys in Rolling Meadows can help you protect your rights.

What Issues Need to Be Addressed in a Divorce?

Every marriage is unique, and as is every divorce case. You may not be dealing with the same issues as other divorced or divorcing couples you know. However, there are generally four significant issues that must be addressed in each divorce settlement or court order.

Asset and Debt Division

The divorcing couple needs to identify all of their assets, including any real estate, businesses, retirement or investment accounts, and other tangible property. Any debts should also be calculated. Then, they need to mutually decide how they can divide up the assets and debts.

Spousal Support

Also known as alimony, spousal support can help one spouse remain financially stable after the divorce. In some cases, it is ongoing support. In other cases, it might be just until the receiving spouse can find a job or receive education or job training. Not all divorces will require one spouse to receive spousal support. You can discuss your specific circumstances with divorce lawyers in Rolling Meadows to determine if yours will. 

Child Support and Maintenance

If you have children, you need to reach an agreement regarding child support. Typically, the parent who has less parenting or custody time with the child is the one who pays child support to the other parent. Even though the marriage is ending, the needs of the children aren’t. Experienced divorce attorneys in Rolling Meadows can help you determine how much child support applies in your case.

Allocation of Parenting Time and Responsibilities

In some divorces, the issue of parenting time can be the most contested. Parents should keep their children’s best interests in mind when discussing custody. Some can come up with creative solutions that work for everyone involved. Remember to include weekends, holidays, birthdays, and summer vacations in your plan. You will also need to determine if one of you will have parental responsibility right or if you will share these. 

The Importance of Hiring Divorce Lawyers in Rolling Meadows

You aren’t required to have an attorney to get divorced. As such, sometimes divorcing spouses wonder if they can go through their divorce representing themselves. They can go through anything by themselves, but that doesn’t mean they will get their desired outcome. In fact, they might not be aware of their legal rights and thus won’t be able to defend them. 

Keep in mind that the issues within your divorce will likely have a substantial and lengthy effect on your life. Getting these issues resolved, along with understanding state laws and legal proceedings, can be daunting and complicated. Hiring seasoned divorce attorneys in Rolling Meadows to guide you through the process is highly recommended to help you reach your desired outcomes.

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The attorneys at Suburban Law Group, LLC are devoted to helping clients dissolve their marriages as seamlessly and quickly as possible. We focus on mutually beneficial solutions that support the entire family and strive to circumvent litigation whenever possible. Contact us today to meet with our seasoned divorce attorneys in Rolling Meadows.

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