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Divorce Lawyer in Rolling Meadows

Divorce Lawyer in Rolling Meadows

This Chicagoland suburb has gone through several development phases. The town’s official roots date back to the pre-Civil War era. Then, like many other Cook County suburbs, Rolling Meadows grew exponentially after World War II. Around 2000, city leaders launched a concerted effort to revitalize downtown and make some other changes. The last chapter of Rolling Meadows’ story has not yet been written.

Divorce matters in Cook County go through several stages as well. Many people are surprised to learn that these phases begin before the divorce filing and do not end when the judge’s gavel falls.

The experienced Rolling Meadows divorce lawyers at SLG Family Law routinely handle all phases of a divorce case. So, we seek long-term relationships with our clients. That way, when your divorce moves to a new phase, we are still there. Hard work and open communication are the foundations of our partnership. We give our clients our best effort every day. And, we always proactively communicate with them, so they are never in the dark.

Pre-Divorce Proceedings

The overall divorce rate has dropped since the 1990s. But the divorce rate among second marriages is still well over 50%. The third marriage divorce rate is around 70%. So, if you have been married before, your next marriage should also include some divorce planning. Think of a prenuptial agreement as life insurance. No one expects or wants to die early, but it is still important to be prepared for this possibility.

A stitch in time saves nine. Illinois lawmakers recently adopted the Uniform Marital and Premarital Agreements Act. As a result, prenups in Cook County may cover a wide variety of financial and non-financial issues, such as:

  • Inheritance and succession matters,
  • Marital property classification and division, and
  • Spousal support limits.

If the parties divorce, these issues are usually time-consuming. No one wants to go through a financially and emotionally costly divorce. Few spouses want their exes to go through these things, either.

As a bonus, since a premarital agreement decides these divisive issues in advance, a prenup typically makes a marriage stronger.

Marriage Dissolution in Cook County

In some states, a divorce only addresses some issues. But in Illinois, a divorce addresses all emotional and financial issues. These issues usually include child custody and property division.

Child custody decisions must be made to serve the best interests of the children. There is a presumption that children benefit from frequent and consistent contact with both parents. However, that outcome is not best in all cases. Marital property matters, including spousal support issues, must result in an equitable division of the marital estate. That is not always the same thing as an equal division.

Post-Divorce Modification

The aforementioned emotional and financial circumstances change over time. Children feel closer to one parent or the other, adults move to take new jobs, salaries go up or down, and the list goes on. If these changes are permanent and substantial, the divorce paperwork usually needs modification.

Informal side agreements are always unenforceable in these areas. Unless the judge legally changes the orders, one party may unilaterally go back to the way things were before. At that point, the other party has no recourse.

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A good lawyer stands by you during every phase of a divorce. For a free consultation with an experienced Rolling Meadows divorce lawyer, contact SLG Family Law. We routinely handle matters in Cook County and nearby jurisdictions.

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