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Family Law Lawyers Schaumburg

Family Law Lawyers Schaumburg

When you think about family law, divorce likely comes to mind, but family law is actually much broader than just divorce. Additionally, family law addresses many child-related matters outside of divorce, as well as post-decree modifications. Whatever your family law concern, working closely with an experienced family law lawyer in Schaumburg is an excellent place to start. 

The Terms of Divorce

Family law often addresses the terms of divorce (in relation to actual divorce, to post-decree modifications, and to related matters that occur outside of divorce), including:

  • The division of marital property 
  • Parenting arrangements 
  • Child support 
  • Spousal maintenance

Guardian Ad Litem

One matter that frequently arises in family law is the need for a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), which refers to an attorney who is appointed to represent the best interests of a child – often called a child representative – in some family law cases. Often, the court has long-standing and close relationships with GALs, which can increase their credibility and influence in the cases in question. 


Another important family law matter is the establishment of paternity (which refers to identifying a child’s father). If a child’s parents are not married when he or she is born, paternity must be established with the courts before the father’s parental rights can be addressed. The establishment of paternity is important for everyone involved – in all the following ways:

  • The mother can benefit from the child support and the parental involvement that results.
  • The father has the opportunity to forge a loving and rewarding relationship with his child.
  • The child benefits from the resulting parental relationship and from other legal rights that can include the right to inheritance, health insurance coverage through the father’s employment-based insurance, military benefits, and more. 


Adoption is a quintessential family law matter. The laws related to adoption are both complicated and challenging, but opening your home to a child is about as rewarding as it gets, and working closely with an experienced family law lawyer can help you accomplish this lofty goal.

Parenting Arrangements

In Illinois, physical custody is referred to as parenting time, and it can be divided evenly between you and your children’s other parent – or one of you can take on a primary custodial role (while the other has a visitation schedule). Parental responsibilities, on the other hand, determine who will be making the important parenting decisions moving forward, and it can be either sole or joint. As children age, parenting modifications become frequent family law concerns. 

Seek the Legal Guidance of an Experienced Family Law Lawyer in Schaumburg

If you are facing a family law concern, the compassionate Schaumburg family law lawyers at SLG Family Law recognize the gravity of your situation and are committed to helping you obtain the most favorable resolution for you. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact us today.

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