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Orland Park Child Custody Attorneys

Orland Park Child Custody Attorneys

Orland Park Child Custody Attorneys

While our culture often refers to the different types of child custody arrangements, such as sole custody, joint custody, and legal custody in Illinois, the reality is that these labels do not reflect the range of complexity found within family law. Physical custodial arrangements and parenting time agreements rely on visitation rights, while legal custodial rights vary from case to case. 

Illinois custody laws allow for these arrangements and modifications to existing custody agreements. There are also financial implications involved with caretaking costs that must be considered when entering any contract. Consequently, it can be overwhelming and challenging to understand all the intricacies of Illinois child custody laws; however, experienced lawyers can help guide you through the process.

How can Orland Park Child Custody Attorneys help your case?

Navigating divorce and allocating new parental responsibilities is difficult for families, especially when children are involved. Parental responsibilities in Illinois are divided between parenting time and the allocation of primary decision-making. The court typically designates one parent to be the decision maker and if you believe you are the best choice for your child, having a qualified family law attorney on your side is crucial. 

An Orland Park child custody attorney provides a family with the following services: 

  • Divorce
  • Business owner divorce
  • Contested divorce
  • High net worth divorce
  • Spousal maintenance and support
  • Child support
  • Parenting time schedules
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Modifications to existing custodial terms and agreements

When faced with a legal matter relating to your child, it can understandably be an emotionally charged experience. But here at our law office, we strive to help provide the best possible outcome for you and your child. 

We prioritize minimizing hostility between parents while delivering quality emotional and financial support for your child – all without disrupting your involvement. That is why we use multiple methods to attain viable resolutions like mediation, collaborative law, cooperative law, or even family court litigation, should the need arise. 

Considering the best interests of the child

Illinois custody decision-making considers best interest factors, including:

  • Child’s wishes based on their age and maturity level
  • Potential relocation considerations 
  • Mental and physical health of parents and children
  • Wishes of both parents
  • Prior custody agreements and terms
  • Level of conflict between parents

Contact us for assistance with your child custody case

Are you looking for an experienced attorney to help with child custody and visitation issues? Children are often at the forefront of a divorce, and we are responsible as family law attorneys to keep a child’s best interest in mind. We recognize how important these decisions can be, so we ensure that every case is treated with the same care and knowledge. We will not only present your wishes in court or during mediation but also fight for your most favorable outcome. 

With years of experience, we know how to assess your situation and provide sound legal strategies to ensure your children’s well-being is upheld. Let us help you find a solution that works for everyone. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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