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Rolling Meadows Divorce Attorneys

Rolling Meadows Divorce Attorneys

Careful planning and a willingness to adjust to changing conditions have always been the hallmarks of the people of Rolling Meadows. Almost as soon as the city incorporated, it began annexing land for future use. Then, when a series of fires in the 1970s damaged much of the city, Rolling Meadows revised its building codes to better protect its residents.

At the SLG Family Law, our experienced Rolling Meadows divorce attorneys approach your case with the same kind of careful planning and necessary flexibility. Quite simply, we plan our work and work our plans. Furthermore, no divorce case is ever “closed.” It might be dormant for a few months or even a few years. But when circumstances change, and they inevitably do, we are there.

Pre-Divorce Considerations

If you have been married before, you should at least consider a premarital agreement. These agreements are much like life insurance policies. No one plans to die early, but everyone should have life insurance. Likewise, no one anticipates divorce, but a premarital agreement is usually a good idea.

Additionally, premarital agreements normally make your marriage stronger. These pacts resolve money disputes in advance. So, these disagreements never have a chance to poison your relationship.

Illinois lawmakers recently adopted the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. So, these pacts often cover a variety of financial and nonfinancial subjects. Examples include spousal support caps and inheritance provisions. Frequently, our Rolling Meadows divorce attorneys also draw up executory documents, such as wills and trusts, to make your wishes in this area completely clear.

No contract is ironclad. Spouses may successfully challenge premarital agreements if they were unconscionable or involuntary. 

The Case Itself

Premarital agreements significantly streamline the divorce process, particularly with regard to the property division and alimony matters. However, there are still a number of issues to resolve in divorce cases.

These issues usually include a parenting time division. The old every other weekend and every other holiday division no longer works for many families. Some alternatives are available, including:

  • Empty Nest: Normally, the children go back and forth between two homes. In the empty nest arrangement, the children stay in the same place, and the parents go back and forth between homes. This division, which is usually very good for the children, obviously only works in limited situations.
  • Extended Weekend: The cumulative effect of small changes often makes a significant impact. That’s the principle behind an extended weekend arrangement. Starting weekend visitation on Thursday and ending it on Monday results in a much more equal timeshare division.
  • Block Scheduling: This arrangement usually benefits both parents and children. The children spend a week or two with Parent A, a week or two with Parent B, and then the cycle repeats. The predictability is what benefits everyone.

Any parenting time arrangement, whether it is traditional or nontraditional, must be in the best interests of the children.

Post-Divorce Matters

Financial and emotional circumstances usually change over time. When that happens, our Rolling Meadows divorce attorneys can legally modify things like support payments and parenting time divisions.

Such legal intervention is quite important. Informal side agreements, even if they are in writing, are unenforceable in court. So, as far as the state is concerned, the current written child support order is the only one that matters, even if it is outdated. As for emotional changes, if one parent unilaterally decides to go back to the way things were before, the other parent has no recourse.

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We are with you before, during, and after divorce proceedings. For a free consultation with an experienced Rolling Meadows divorce attorney, contact SLG Family Law. Home, virtual, and after-hours appointments are available.

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