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Schaumburg Divorce Attorney

Schaumburg Divorce Attorney

Schaumburg Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be overwhelming and challenging, but it’s essential to understand your state’s laws before proceeding. In Illinois, that starts with establishing residency for a minimum of 90 days. Once that requirement is met, Illinois allows couples to file on the grounds of “irretrievable breakdown,” meaning that they no longer wish to be married due to deep-rooted incompatibilities, infidelity, or a general breakdown of the relationship. There is no minimum waiting period before marriage dissolution is finalized. 

It’s important for couples going through the divorce process in Schaumburg to make sure that they comply with all local regulations to ensure their divorce is legally sound.

Can a Schaumburg Divorce attorney help with my case?

Divorce is not linear, and many types of divorce, from high-net-worth to difficult divorce. A legal representative familiar with your case, wishes, and sought-after settlement can significantly improve the outcome of your case. The following are common types of divorce:

  • Contentious and hostile litigation: A difficult divorce with warring partners can be complicated for everyone, but between the spouses, with the assistance of divorce attorneys, outcomes are reached. Although contentious divorces can be emotionally draining and challenging for the partners, most contested divorces find a resolution without a trial. 
  • Collaborative divorce: Collaborative divorce includes partners who attempt to resolve disputes in a respectful and non-adversarial manner. Partners are open and willing to work with lawyers to stay out of court and reach an outcome that works for everyone involved.
  •  Mediated divorces: Mediated divorce brings two sides together to create solutions that work for marriage partners with a mediator and legal representatives from each party. Many courts now promote mediation before the start of a case so that couples may settle their differences without going through an ugly court battle. 

Is Illinois a no-fault state for divorce?

In Illinois, recent changes to state divorce law have led to a no-fault system where spouses can only cite irreconcilable differences as the grounds for divorce. The term “irreconcilable differences” is defined under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act as those that have caused “the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage,” providing clarity and stability to spouses looking to end their marriages. 

The Act has eliminated the need to prove fault to receive a divorce and is an example of legislative actions focusing on the dissolution of marriages becoming more progressive. With these changes in place, couples looking to get divorced can now do so without resorting to lengthy proceedings, which may include assigning fault or placing blame on one party or another.

Are you going through a divorce? Contact our legal team.

At SLG Law, we understand that every situation is unique and will work with you to create a plan tailored specifically to your needs. Our team of experienced family lawyers is here to guide the entire process, from filing papers to representing you in court if necessary. 

Don’t struggle alone – contact us today for more information so you can move forward confidently with finalizing your divorce.

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