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Schaumburg Divorce Lawyer

Schaumburg Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a life-changing decision. Whether you recently came to the conclusion that your marriage was over or have known for a long time, you need to make many decisions and preparations. You likely have many questions about what will happen to your property and your children in the divorce process. A seasoned Schaumburg divorce lawyer can help you with all that you are facing so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life. 

What Happens to Property in a Divorce?

The division of property and assets is one of the most pressing and controversial issues that must be decided in a divorce. Property division in a divorce is determined by state law. In Illinois, divorce courts can categorize property as separate, marital, or hybrid. They have the authority to:

  • Distribute jointly owned marital property between the spouses
  • Grant a monetary award to either spouse to ensure an “equitable distribution” of marital debts and property 

The courts must take into account all property of the spouses, including real or personal, tangible or intangible. Sometimes, spouses will attempt to hide assets so that they can end up with more of them when the divorce is over. Having the representation of a well-versed divorce attorney can help in these situations.

Frequently, the marital home is the most valuable asset that must be addressed in a divorce. If it was bought during the marriage with money earned during the marriage or combined with monies earned during the course of the marriage, then it is marital. The couple has several options in how to allocate the family home:

  • One spouse buys out the other or refinances
  • The spouses agree to sell the home and split the proceeds
  • The court orders the sale of the home (in contested divorces when spouses can’t reach an agreement)

Suppose both spouses decide that the house will be sold. In that case, it’s critical to have a seasoned Schaumburg divorce attorney on your side who can ensure that the terms of sale are explicitly and carefully drafted.

Children and Divorce

If you have children, the divorce process is often even more complex. You will need to work out child support and parenting/custody plans. If you and your spouse can’t negotiate and reach agreements on these crucial elements of divorce, the family court judge will make a ruling on them which will be part of your final divorce decree. With the help of your Schaumburg divorce lawyer, you can attempt mediation or negotiations with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Couples that can work out these issues amongst themselves and not involve the family court usually pay less for their divorce and have their divorce resolved sooner. However, in some divorces, negotiations are unfortunately not possible.

You Can Rely on a Schaumburg Divorce Attorney at Suburban Law Group, LLC

Each divorce is as unique as the spouses and marriage it involves. No matter what issues you face in your divorce, the experienced Schaumburg divorce lawyers at SLG Family Law are here to help. No issues in your divorce are too big or too small for our divorce attorneys to handle. We represent divorce clients from all backgrounds and walks of life and of all ages. You will receive the same trusted and compassionate service from us whether your divorce is highly complex or extremely simple. Contact us today to schedule your divorce consultation and find out how we can help during this challenging time of life.  

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