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Visitation Attorney in Naperville

Visitation Attorney in Naperville

Visitation Attorney in Naperville

Going through a divorce or establishing parenting schedules and visitation is challenging for all involved, especially the children. As such, Illinois law takes special care to address how parental responsibilities will be allocated. Typically, the court will determine who makes significant decisions about the child, such as those regarding major medical, educational, and religious matters, by giving decision-making power jointly or separately between parents. 

In addition, parenting time can also be assigned to ensure that each parent has an opportunity to build and maintain a positive relationship with their child. These allocations must be decisions made without bias and in the child’s best interest for their mental and emotional well-being.

What does a visitation attorney in Naperville do?

A visitation lawyer, also known as a child custody lawyer or parenting time lawyer, is a legal professional specializing in representing clients in child custody and visitation rights matters. They help clients navigate the legal process of obtaining or modifying visitation agreements, which can be complicated and emotionally charged.

A visitation lawyer or family law attorney typically provides a range of services to their clients, such as:

  1. Providing legal advice and guidance on visitation rights, parenting time schedules, custody agreements, and child support.
  2. Representing clients in court hearings and negotiations related to custody and visitation. A visitation lawyer will also assist with mediation, representing their clients.
  3. Assisting clients in preparing and filing legal documents related to visitation, such as custody petitions or modification requests.
  4. Advocating for clients’ rights and interests in court and ensuring that the child’s best interests are always considered.
  5. Mediating disputes between parties and negotiating visitation schedules that are fair and reasonable.

An experienced visitation lawyer will be able to educate clients regarding parenting time while offering clear communication regarding the visitation process. Additionally, a visitation attorney in Naperville may offer parenting time schedules and provide insight on spousal support. 

What are parental responsibilities?

 In Illinois, the legal process for determining the care and custodianship of their children is known as the “Allocation of Parental Responsibilities” (APR). APR addresses decision-making responsibilities, such as major medical and educational choices and parenting time. 

Both parties can resist these decisions through negotiations or in a courtroom setting. Regardless of who has been appointed to make significant decisions regarding the children’s welfare, they must work together to create a beneficial environment for the child. To learn more, contact our team today to discuss your parenting time and custody preferences and hear how we can help you achieve your goals. 

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Ensuring that a proper child custody arrangement is paramount to ensuring your child’s safety and happy adulthood. But once a court-ordered Judgment for the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities has been entered, there may be limits on modifications for up to two years. Therefore, seeking counsel from an experienced family law attorney is highly recommended before the Judgment is finalized. 

At SLG Family Law, our knowledgeable visitation attorneys in Naperville will provide a free consultation and guide you through this challenging process. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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