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How to Coexist with Your Spouse When Living Together During Divorce
16 Jul, 2024

How to Coexist with Your Spouse When Living Together During Divorce

It is becoming more and more common for separated couples to live ‘under one roof’ while they work out the details of their separation or divorce. There are many unique reasons to coexist in a home, but the choice often occurs due to financial pressure, difficulty finding other suitable accommodations, or a desire to have minimal disruption in the lives of the children involved. 

While this arrangement can present many potential challenges, there are benefits to be reaped if it’s handled appropriately. Studies show that living under the same roof post-separation can lead to better communication between both parties and less conflict overall. Cohabitation can also offer guidelines on co-parenting, which can prove enormously beneficial for any children caught in the middle and provide a more significant opportunity for an ongoing connection with both parents, which developmentally may be helpful.

The following blog will detail our best tips on living together under one roof and thriving during a divorce or separation. 

Tips on how to coexist in the same home during a divorce or separation

1. Provide open communication for your children

When undergoing a divorce, it is essential to ensure young children understand what is happening in a way they can understand. Making sure you provide them with an age-appropriate explanation of the changes within the house and your overall situation can help ease their worry or confusion. 

Both parents need to be honest about why the two are getting divorced, how long everyone will be living in the house together, where parents will be sleeping, and how parenting time will be shared. Setting these expectations early on can help relieve child-like anxiety as they process this transition.

2. Coordinate parenting time, even under one roof

Establishing a parenting schedule can help everyone adjust to their future visitation schedule and solo parenting. Consider one day for each parent to have private quality time with the kids and the other parent vacating the home. Individual time with each parent creates a clear distinction to children between which parent is in charge and at what times and eliminates any confusion that could occur when both parents are present. 

Setting guidelines can benefit all parties and make the current transition more seamless.

3. Split household responsibilities 

If your spouse has been taking on more household duties, it’s time to become an equal partner in running the home. It’s important to remember that when divorcing, both parties will have to be able to handle their households in a responsible and orderly manner. Doing this now will help when you are officially divorced and living separately. With a little effort and adaptability, you can learn how to contribute constructively in even but also get used to managing both your and your spouse’s routine tasks without needing their guidance.

Contact a family law attorney today to help with your divorce

Moving on while living together is always challenging for married couples, especially when their end goal is to legally separate or divorce. While each couple must undertake this transition and ensuing process in their own way, several considerations should be taken into account and discussed openly. 

When it comes time to divorce, contact our lawyers at SLG Law to help guide you toward finalizing your divorce. We are here to help. Contact us today. 



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