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Child Support
Child Support Calculator

Illinois Child Support Calculator

One of the most common concerns among divorcing parents is whether or not one parent would be ordered to pay child support to the other in order to help provide for their children.

We built this simple child support calculator to give you a better understanding of how child support is calculated in Illinois. You will see an estimated sum that could be rewarded in your case by entering a few specifics about your parenting time allocation and each spouse’s monthly income. Please bear in mind that there are several variables that may affect child support awards that are not considered in this calculation, and the totals shown may not be precise for your specific case.

Contact our Chicago divorce attorneys to arrange a free case review to get a comprehensive assessment of the factors in your divorce and financial circumstance that can affect the amount of child support you will receive or pay.

Illinois Child Support Calculator

Parent with majority physical custody: must be between 183 and 365.
ⓘ Common Child Custody Arrangements:
  • 50/50: 183
  • 60/40: 219
  • 70/30: 274
  • 80/20: 292
  • 4-3 schedule: 208

Gross Monthly Income

(Parent with majority physical custody)

Estimated Child Support Obligation

Factors that Can Impact Your Child Support Award

In almost any child support situation, the number of children, the number of overnights each year, and each spouse’s income are all important considerations.

Other variables to consider are:

• Alimony (also referred to as spousal support)
• Support for children from a previous relationship
• Healthcare costs
• Child-care expenses

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