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High Net Worth Divorce

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High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce in Illinois

The process of divorce is emotional and often contentious. The process becomes more complex and contentious when divorcing spouses have a high net worth, substantial assets, or significant income. If your marital estate includes business interests, real estate holdings, complex trusts, or other high-value assets, your financial future depends upon having an experienced and skillful attorney represent you in the litigation and settlement of your high net worth divorce. An attorney that is not only experienced in divorce law and procedure but also familiar with the complex issues that arise from high net worth divorces.

The divorce and family law attorneys at SLG Family Law are experienced in the discovery and valuation of high value and complex assets. We collaborate with a network of qualified experts in the areas of business valuation, forensic accounting, actuarial valuation, appraisers, and taxation to determine a plan and execute an equitable distribution of the high-value marital estate. 

The divorce and family law attorneys at SLG Family Law are experienced in handling a broad range of financial issues related to high net worth or complex divorces, including:

  • Hidden Assets: Our divorce and family law attorneys can help discover hidden assets and to ensure that all are included within the marital estate.
  • Retirement Assets: Our divorce and family law attorneys will conduct a comprehensive review and valuation to determine the marital and non-marital portion for each retirement account.
  • Business Valuation: Our divorce attorneys will coordinate and work with an industry expert to determine the proper evaluation of any closely held businesses and help ensure that you receive your share.
  • Tax Strategies: There may be significant tax implications when dividing business interests, investments, real estate, or other complex or high-value assets. Our divorce and family law attorneys will coordinate and work with you to obtain a professional tax analysis and planning.

To learn more about how the experienced divorce and family law lawyers at SLG Family Law can assist you with your complex high net worth divorce, schedule an appointment for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. 

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