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Family Law

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Family Law is a broad area of practice. Family law deals with marriage, separation, annulment, divorce, domestic violence and child abuse, child custody, adoption, guardianship, paternity, support, property, inheritance, estate planning, and other matters related to the legal relationships within the family. 

The experienced family law attorneys at SLG Family Law can evaluate a client’s unique, immediate, and often emotional needs, and provide a realistic assessment of future requirements, develop a strategy and long-term solution relative to Family Law Matters including:

  • Illinois Name Changes
  • Illinois Adoption
  • Illinois Annulment and Prohibited Marriage Laws
  • Illinois Child Custody 
  • Illinois Child Support Enforcement
  • Illinois Child Support Guidelines
  • Illinois Child Support Modification
  • Illinois Child Support Payments
  • Illinois Child Visitation Laws
  • Illinois Divorce Laws
  • Illinois Legal Separation Laws
  • Illinois Maintenance & Alimony Laws
  • Illinois Marital Property Laws
  • Illinois Prenuptial Agreements
  • Illinois Postnuptial Agreements
  • Illinois Protective Orders Laws
  • Illinois Stalking Laws
  • Illinois Bankruptcy Laws
  • Illinois Estate Planning
  • Illinois Wills
  • Illinois Trusts
  • Illinois Powers of Attorney
  • Illinois Guardianship
  • Illinois Probate
  • Illinois Real Estate Transactions

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