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Child Custody
Setting Yourself Up for Success Before, During & Post Divorce
03 Mar, 2024
Child Custody

Setting Yourself Up for Success Before, During & Post Divorce

If you are headed toward divorce, you are anticipating getting to the other side, but you shouldn’t lose sight of what’s at stake during the process. While the outcome of your divorce will determine your child custody arrangements and set the stage for your post-divorce finances, these final determinations are based on the choices you make and the actions you take along the way, which makes setting yourself up for success from the outset of particular importance. Discuss your divorce concerns with an experienced Illinois divorce attorney today.

Seek the Legal Guidance You Need

One of the most important factors when it comes to protecting your rights throughout the divorce process is having professional legal counsel in your corner from early on. The fact is that you will be making decisions along the way that will directly affect you and your children’s lives into the future, which makes understanding the ramifications of your decisions prior to settling terms paramount. The highly charged emotional undercurrent of divorce can color every element of the process, but skilled legal guidance can help you cut through the drama – allowing you to better understand what’s at stake in terms of your financial and parental rights and how best to protect them. 


Many people head into divorce with absolutely no idea how their divorce terms are likely to be resolved and, as a result, they simply fight for whatever they can get – with no prioritization. In the end, the terms of your divorce will be in accordance with Illinois laws, which means that all the following apply:

  • You and your ex will very likely both be awarded parenting time, but one of you may become the primary custodial parent.
  • You and your ex can share parental responsibilities – or decision-making authority – or it may be awarded to one of you alone.
  • Your marital assets will be divided between you in a manner that is deemed fair in relation to a range of factors that you can apply directly to your case.
  • You and your spouse’s separate assets will remain your own, but if they are intertwined with marital assets, their separate nature can be lost.
  • Even if you and your ex share parenting time equally, whoever is the higher earner is likely to have the child support obligation.

Using this information as a framework for your divorce priorities can go a long way toward helping you sail more smoothly through the divorce process and helping you set yourself up for success in your post-divorce future. 

An Experienced Illinois Divorce Attorney Is Standing by to Help

It’s not unusual to become bogged down by the emotional upset that inevitably attends divorce, but it’s important to have a plan forward – and the practiced Illinois divorce attorneys at SLG Family Law can help you with that. By establishing your divorce priorities and helping you stay the course in your efforts to achieve them, you help to set yourself up for success throughout the legal process and beyond. Learn more by contacting us today.



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