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Chris did a great job listening and educated me throughout the process. He always kept my child’s best interest as the focus.


I highly recommend Christopher Maurer to anyone in need of an experienced attorney. Mr. Maurer quickly assessed my situation with a divorce matter. He set forth a direct, clear path to secure my legal entitlements. Mr. Maurer consistently kept me informed during the process. His impressive grasp of the law kept me reassured. I was more than pleased with the outcome of my case.


Chris took good care of me during my case, answered all my questions, and wrapped things up in a timely fashion. He gave me peace of mind throughout the process. I was very happy with the results, and recommend him to all of my friends.


He was very informative. Gave detailed and concise answers to my questions. Most importantly, he talked to me and not at me. Something I truly appreciated..


Sarah represented me in modifying a complicated child support/joint parenting agreement. She did an exceptional job and guided me through every step of the process. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated and an excellent person to work with. She always promptly returned my calls/emails same day. She is so personable and seems to know everyone in court, even my judge and had a great rapport with him! The case did drag a little, mainly due to unreasonable OC but in the end: CS increased 3 times and a fair modified parenting agreement entered!! I’m very happy with the results which were only possible due to Sarah’s expertise and hard work, thank you Sarah and the Anderson firm!


She is a standout attorney. Attorney Nolan handled our Civil Union Dissolution. She really knows how to satisfy her client’s needs. She was a great listener. Her promptness and attention to detail meant everything to our case. She presented options we had not concerned. A plus was her ability to explain the laws regarding Civil Union and child support. Most of all, she genuinely care about her clients. I would highly remind Attorney Nolan to handle future cases. Her firm is very fortunate to have her a staff member.


Robert Boszko was outstanding !
When starting the divorce process, I went through every possible emotion. Robert, from start to finish was extremely calm, cool, and collected. He is extremely knowledgeable in his profession and truly cares about and wants the absolute best outcome for his client. There were a few times during my divorce that I just “wanted it over with” where I didn’t want to listen to Mr.Boszko. I was impatient and stubborn during those moments. He has a magical way of calming his client down. After a while, I realized he was right. I am so very happy that I listened to him during those times when I didn’t have the patients to at first. I had a very favorable outcome for my children and I in the end thanks to Mr.Boszko !! He truly is a brilliant and caring young attorney.


I’ve retained Mr Boszko on several occasions in which I needed legal representation. I feel that I have always received honest advice (and subsequent representation), even if it wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to hear. He is very good at navigating through highly emotional situations.


I have been a client of Bob twice in a custody case. Both times Bob was able to achieve the best possible outcome. He was extremely honest and as a previous reviewer said, was calm and reassuring during a very difficult time. He answered all questions and guided us through the process every step of the way.


Mr. Boszko was very professional, assisted me in various legal issues. He was completely clear on what each step of process was to take place and what to expect. I completely endorse him.


I hired Bob to represent me in my divorce. Bob was professional, clearly explained every step and option throughout the process. He had my best interest at heart every step of the way. Bob and his staff were so great to work with and always made me feel that they cared.


Christopher was very diligent in handling my case and was always very professional, prepared and knowledgeable about the law and the facts. He was able to quickly finish my case in a satisfactory manner and saved me a lot of money.


Sarah Nolan helped me with my bankruptcy. She was kind, knowledgeable, and easy to understand. I was feeling very bad about myself and my situation, but Sarah was understanding and she made me feel better. Her paralegal, Marina Kostyra, was just as wonderful. She took care of all my paperwork and correspondence. I was extremely fortunate to find Sarah Nolan. Thank you sincerely. Carol


We contacted Sarah to handle a bankruptcy for us. Sarah and her team were so easy to work with, kept us well-informed and kindly led us through that difficult situation. Sarah has the experience and knowledge that we really needed. I won’t hesitate in using Sarah for any legal matter in the future.


I was represented by Bob Boszko in my recent divorce. I was very impressed with his representation. Bob listened to my concerns and represented me extremely well. In the end he was able to secure a fair and equitable outcome for me. Bob is very educated in Illinois law, and worked hard to keep me informed and taken care of during the difficult process. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone who is looking for hard working, professional and exceptionally intelligent representation.


I really enjoyed and appreciated working with Bob through my divorce. Being a female, I feel like Bob was both warm and firm with me. I also felt I had a strong male presence protecting me while working with my ex through out divorce. He understood my ex was manipulative and knew how to handle him. I would definitely recommend working with this lawyer.


Sarah helped me with my divorce, child support and with my custody agreement. She was very caring and really looked out for my best interests. Sarah was extremely knowledgeable and prompt with communication. She was also very professional and I would highly recommend her. If I need more assistance, I will definitely be contacting Sarah again.


Bob Boszko is an extremely knowledgeable, professional attorney. He has helped me through a very difficult custody case and always went into court prepared and ready to represent to his fullest ability. I was always very impressed to see Bob reviewing his notes in the courtroom while waiting for our case to be called. Bob had my best interest in mind and he worked diligently over the years to help me. Bob was recommended to me by a friend who described Bob as a ‘very nice, genuine guy but a pitbull in court’ and that statement is the most accurate description for this attorney. I highly recommend Bob Boszko. His knowledge and passion is evident!


I had Christopher Maurer represent me in a difficult Cook County case. He and his staff were easy to work with and kept me up-to-date with what was going on in the case. Through Chris’ efforts and his ability to cut through the BS, I was able to avoid a lot of costly litigation and court proceedings. I’ve dealt with other lawyers in the past, and Chris is definitely my go-to lawyer.


Mr. Maurer is very professional, yet caring at the same time. His calm demeanor helps reduce anxiety during what is often the most stressful time in a person’s life. I quickly became very confident in his knowledge & ability to represent me and was continually assured that he had my best interests in mind throughout the duration of my case. It’s unfortunate to need an attorney; but if that’s where you are, I would highly recommend Chris Mauer.


Having used prior lawyers in the past and also watching my wife go through very long proceedings with custody matters, working with Sarah has been a pleasure! She was engaged, knowledgeable and seemed to actually want resolution. With the experiences I’ve had, it would almost seem nobody wanted to do anything to resolve the matter but rather drag out the court dates and give you bad advice. Sarah helped me with every aspect of my case and got the result needed. I hope I never have to use her again, but if I do she will be my first call.


Best attorney you could ask for.


He helped me (a man) get custody of my daughter. He was upfront and on top of every step and always listened to my ideas and never pushed his ideas to hard, just voiced them. It was a long battle but finally got custody of my daughter and wouldn’t have wanted anyone else on my side.


A court outside Illinois had awarded me custody of my daughter. My daughter lived in Illinois with her mother. The police wanted an Illinois judge to give the green light for the pick up of the child. My attorney in my home state searched and came up with Sarah Nolan’s name to handle my case in Illinois. Sarah agreed to work with me on a day’s notice. We spoke over the phone on Friday and then met at her office on Saturday. Sarah did her homework over the weekend and advocated for me in front of the right judge on Monday morning and then again on Wednesday morning. The judge ruled in my favor and I picked up my daughter on Wednesday itself.

I found Sarah to have a methodical mind that is necessary to sift through legal ambiguities. Sarah kept me informed of my options and did not hesitate to ask questions that needed prompt answering. She was professional, composed and took her time to make me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation.

Fully recommended.


After researching several attorneys, Chris was the only person (not a receptionist or other firm representative) who had the respect and courtesy, to phone back the same day I contacted him. He maintained his promptness to all of my communications–returning every phone call and email–throughout the duration of my case. Chris kept me informed every step of the way, answered every question, and gave sound advice. He is a top choice for anyone seeking quality representation. I highly recommend him.


Throughout a lengthy divorce, I found Chris constantly tried to help bring a resolution to my trying case, attempting numerous times to engage with opposing counsel, and he ultimately got the case to a reasonable settlement, rather than having it go to a lengthy, expensive trial. He balanced his communication well between being responsive for the sake of my case vs my wallet for time spent. His paralegal is quite helpful as well, so you can feel certain you’re in good hands. For a process that at times, seems to disappoint more than it protects, Chris made sure I always understood my choices, my rights and explained the legal process throughout my ordeal. Chris has a straight forward approach, offering excellent legal advice from his many years of experience. I found him to be compassionate and responsive, with a genuine sense of concern for my kids and I. I highly recommend Chris.


Chris and his firm have represented me in several matters over the years, including my divorce and other business matters. He’s the one I call when I have a legal question or dispute. He always gives me good advice and explains what’s going on. He fought strongly for me in court several times and always got me good results.


Sarah really pays attention to what you have to say. After I voiced my issues in the first consultation . She offered me a couple of options for pursuing my divorce. In no why did I feel that she ever pressured me or made me feel that my concerns and questions did not merit her undivided attention. She and her staff always made me feel comfortable. Sarah also pays attention to even the smallest details and by way of many e-mails always kept me up to speed on what was going on . I believe I made the best choice possible and if your looking for a considerate and competent attorney you won’t regret retaining her.


Bob represented me through my divorce. Bob is a true professional with a great deal of experience which was evident form the first day we spoke. His consistency and overall demeanor was instrumental in navigating me through what was a very difficult process. His knowledge and candor was unparalleled during a period which is for me was highly emotional. He managed the case with a high level expertise and in the end met the expectations I had hoped for during initial consultation. I would highly recommend Bob for the work he provided. He performed well above my expectations.


I was so thankful to have reached out to Sarah Nolan for a free consultation regarding my college contribution needs. She was very nice and friendly sounding….the difference between her and other attorneys? She’s honest. She could’ve taken a retainer from me and helped with my case but because my case was a simple one, she advised me on how to represent myself. She filled me in on where I should go, what floor, what to ask for….you name it. I’m thankful for her help. Although I didn’t need her to represent me, I would highly recommend her. Her honesty and help were of great help to my daughters’ future! She said she’d help me out if things got more messy than expected so if they do, I’ll be obtaining her!!!!


The communication with Chris was great he always responded in a timely manner. He was very thorough when explaining what was being done with the case. His paralegal was also helpful through the process. They make a great team. Overall I was very happy with the service I received.


Sarah Nolan is the most communicative attorney I have ever encountered. I was always able to reach her. Her professionalism, humanity, and understanding was beyond what I could ever hope for. Impressive skills & wonderful down to earth person to speak to as well as being tough enough to get things done. Couldn’t ask for a better attorney. I would recommend Sarah to anyone!!!!


Sarah Nolan is a great attorney. She always listens to your concerns and is very timely in her ability to get back to you. I had a modification of a parenting plan/foreign judgment case and Sarah was able to navigate these uncharted legal waters for me. If you have any legal needs I would definitely recommend Sarah to represent you!


I used Sarah as my lawyer for two different legal things that I needed to get done. The first was for my divorce back in 2014 and the second was this past month for a will (which included power of attorney and estate) that I had done. She is very knowledgeable about both situations and helped me so much! She was honest, stayed in contact with me throughout both, and it was done in a timely manner. The people in her office are supper helpful and kind too. For myself not knowing anything about any situation, legally, she put my mind to ease and has extended her services to me or anyone I know in the future. She didn’t rush through anything and most importantly, made sure I understood everything! I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a lawyer in her specialty field. For those who don’t have that much money like myself, her firm was very reasonable! Most importantly, she was empathetic and listened to my concerns and made sure that the tough situation that I had to go through was done with as much ease and stress-free as possible. I can’t say enough good things about Sarah!


Bob represented me in my divorce and did a great job. It was a horrible time for me, but the results could not have been better. Bob was very professional, and did a very good job explaining the law in a way that made sense. He has a calming presence, but is not easily intimidated. He’s a good guy to have in your corner.


I was lucky to have Atty Maurer for my lawyer He is knowledgeable, kind and professional. I do not need to wait too long, he replied immediately when called. He has time to answer questions. I wish all lawyers will be like him. He is an asset to his law office. Attorney Chris keep up the good work. God bless you.

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