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Child Custody
What Can I Do if My Ex Is Withholding Visitation?
18 May, 2024
Child Custody

What Can I Do if My Ex Is Withholding Visitation?

Co-parenting is a delicate dance, often requiring two people who have decided to divorce to cooperate while remaining committed to their children. However, sometimes, the cooperative rhythm is disrupted, and the parental rights of one party are denied. This is not only emotionally debilitating but can be legally actionable. SLG Family Law is here to help divorced parents understand the actions they can take when dealing with an ex who withholds visitation.

Understanding Your Visitation Rights

The family law system is designed to promote the child’s best interests. When parents separate, the courts often establish a parenting plan that outlines when the non-custodial parent can visit their child. This plan is a legal agreement that both parents must adhere to, barring extreme circumstances.

Parental visitation rights are as follows:

  • A parent has the right to visit the child on specified days and times.
  • Both parents must follow the visitation schedule outlined in the parenting plan.
  • The custodial parent cannot legally withhold visitation time.

Withholding visitation rights without proper justification is not just a moral transgression – it’s often a violation of the law. Family courts recognize the sanctity of these visitation agreements and can enforce them with legal consequences. This means that the party who withholds visitation is at risk of contempt of court, which includes fines and even jail time in severe cases.

Challenges Faced by Isolated Parents

The emotional and psychological consequences of denied visitation cannot be overstated. Beyond the legal repercussions, the impact on the parent-child relationship can be profound and long-lasting.

Emotional Toll of Denied Visitation

For a parent who is routinely denied visitation, the sense of loss can be overwhelming. There’s often an erosion of trust and an increase in animosity between co-parents, which further complicates the post-divorce relationship.

Impact on Parent-Child Relationships

From a child’s perspective, the denial of visitation can lead to confusion and feelings of abandonment. In the long term, it may harm the child’s belief in the reliability of parental figures and negatively impact their emotional development.

Steps to Address Visitation Issues

If your ex-partner is withholding your designated visitation time, it’s crucial to take immediate and strategic action. 

Communication Strategies with the Ex-Partner

Open lines of communication and working on your co-parenting relationship should be the first step. It’s important to address the issue diplomatically, perhaps by highlighting the mutual benefit of a cooperative parenting plan to foster a healthy environment for the child. A neutral third party, such as a mediator, can facilitate the discussion if necessary. 

Legal Options

If communication fails and the other party continues to deny visitation rights, it may be time to seek legal intervention. A family lawyer can help you petition the court to enforce the visitation agreement or request a modification if necessary.

Reconnection Is Possible

Dealing with a former partner who withholds your parental visitation rights can feel like an insurmountable challenge. However, understanding the legal framework that underpins these rights and the available strategies for enforcement is the first step in regaining your connection with your child.

If you are grappling with visitation issues, do not hesitate to reach out to our team at SLG Family Law. We’re here to help you advocate for your role in your child’s life. It is your parental right and your responsibility to fight for the bond you share with your child.



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