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What to Ask in Your First Meeting with a Divorce Attorney
03 Mar, 2024

What to Ask in Your First Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

If you are facing a divorce, you need an experienced divorce attorney on your side, but the prospect of finding the right divorce attorney for you can feel daunting. This doesn’t, however, have to be the case. When you know what to ask in your first meeting with an Illinois divorce attorney, you’ll be better prepared to find a good fit for you.  

What Is the Divorce Process?

The most important point that can be made about divorce is that it is unpredictable. The matter is further complicated by the fact that your divorce will not follow exactly the same course as anyone else’s. Nevertheless, there are some divorce basics that apply across every divorce. You are looking for an attorney who will explain the course your divorce is likely to take but who is prepared for whatever course it does take. For example, some divorces begin amicably enough but soon turn contentious, and your divorce attorney will need to be ready – come what may.

Will I Be Able to Reach You When I Have Questions or Concerns? 

Finding a divorce attorney with whom you are comfortable opening up about sensitive information related to your marriage can be difficult, but once you do, you want to know that he or she will be available to you when the need arises. Ask the attorney in question if you will continue to work with him or her and if he or she will remain available to you as your divorce proceeds. Some attorneys move their divorce clients on to other attorneys and/or paralegals in the firm after the initial intake, and this may not be a good fit for you. 

Is There Any Way to Keep My Legal Costs Low?

Don’t be afraid to bring up the topic of legal costs. The goal is obviously to keep your legal expenses as low as possible while ensuring that your parental and financial rights are well protected. Generally, the best ways to keep your legal costs reasonable include the following:

  • Negotiate as many terms between yourselves (you and your divorcing spouse) as you can
  • Set divorce priorities that help you focus on what’s important to you – while allowing you to let go of those that matter less
  • Work closely with your divorce attorney to help expedite the process, including gathering important financial documentation and more

Your divorce attorney understands that you don’t want to pay for more legal services than you need, and he or she should help you make this happen.  

Know What to Ask in the Your First Meeting with a Divorce Attorney

SLG Family Law has trusted divorce attorneys in Palatine who understand that your divorce is unique to you and to the circumstances involved. We are well prepared to not only zealously protect your rights but also to help you feel comfortable throughout the divorce process. For more information about how we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.



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