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What to Do After You Are Served Divorce Papers
03 Mar, 2024

What to Do After You Are Served Divorce Papers

If you have been served divorce papers that you were not expecting, it can come as a real shock – and even if you had a head’s up, being served can be disorienting at best. While your divorce will be unique to you, your situation, and the circumstances involved, it will need to address the same terms that every other divorce does, which means there are certain steps you should take that apply across all divorces. The best advice you can receive at the outset is to take a deep breath, consult with an experienced Illinois divorce attorney early on, and proceed with caution. 

Step One: Remember that Your Parental and Financial Rights Are at Stake and Consult with a Seasoned Divorce Attorney

If you’ve been served with divorce papers, you may want to simply bury your head in the sand and take what comes your way. While this is understandable, it is not going to help you protect your parental and financial rights, which will directly affect your life moving forward. This makes working with a dedicated divorce attorney from the outset of primary concern. Illinois is a no-fault divorce state in the sense that your spouse does not need a reason (other than insupportability, which amounts to irreconcilable differences) to obtain a divorce. In other words, if your spouse wants a divorce, it is time for you to take the steps necessary to protect your rights. 

Step Two: Understand the Terms of Divorce and What Is at Stake

In order to make well-informed decisions moving forward, you need to understand the terms of divorce that apply in your situation. Consider the following:

Step Three: Pin Down Your Priorities

If you take a winner-take-all approach to your divorce, you are destined to walk away disappointed, and you’re likely to have invested more time and expense in the process than was necessary. When you take the time and care to determine your priorities, you’ll have a better feel for where you are willing to bend and where you would like to hold firm, which can provide you with the bargaining power and the direction you need to keep moving forward. 

Step Four: Gather Your Financial Documents  

Much of your divorce will focus on financial matters, and the only way to get a fair shake in terms of the division of your marital property and alimony – if it plays a role – is to have a close working knowledge of your family’s finances. This involves gathering copies of all the financial documentation available. 

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If you’ve been served with divorce papers, the capable divorce attorneys at SLG Family Law have the experience, legal skill, and dedication you are looking for. We’re here to help, so please don’t delay contacting us for more information today.



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